Live  Music  Coverage

Photo - Video - Live Music Video - Promos

All are base prices- mileage will be added


I have a few different styles that I edit in, if you prefer one to another PLEASE let me know!


I can also wait until I watch your band play and then edit to how I feel suits your band's image


School photos 

Mileage is added after 25 miles

Minis: 1 Location, 1 Outfit, ~15 Images


Regular: Up to 2 close locations, 3 outfits, 40+ images


More than 1 season: Up to 4 close locations, 6 total outfits, 60+ images


All prices include minor retouching!



Prices vary with family size

Individual portraits included

I'm open to any and all ideas!

Beautifully preserved memories that show off everyones style!


Couples photos 

Beautifully unique Photos!

Small session, beautifully preserved memories

I like to get to know the couple beforehand to then showcase your own unique love for one another


School photos 

Lifetouch photos are BORING!

This is the base price for 1-2 children, an extra $25 will be added for each additional child


Sports Photos

Any grade k-12

Let's capture some photos of your young athlete doing what they love to do!


Self  Empowerment



We take a few hours to set up some outfits

Do makeup

Then set up some backdrops and lighting and get that self-confidence flowing!




Wanna feel like a model?

One of my favorite types of sessions!


1 Major location (town), we can explore the town and take some photos!


Up to 2 hours!




THe best session i offer!

Bring all of their outfits & bring their favorite toys

Teach them cute new tricks

Let me capture the super cute memories of your little loved ones!